Both fly fishing and spin fishing have their place in the world of fishing. The spinning rod gives you a versatility and mobility that fly fishing does not provide. With spin fishing, you can cast easily nearly anywhere. You can get a rod for under $20. Your fishing line doesn’t cost that much. You don’t need special gear. You can catch fish quickly if you are in the right area. You can catch tons of fish.

So why do people bother with fly fishing? Well, any true fisherman (or woman) would be able to tell you, fly fishing is what “real” fishing is all about. Standing out in the stream with your waders on, patiently casting the tiny flies that they probably have spent hours upon hours tying themselves to catch the perfect fish, and reeling in that 20-inch rainbow trout—there’s nothing quite like it. Of course, spinning is as real as fly fishing, but all fly fishers that I know have a certain gleam in their eye when they discuss the wonders of fly fishing.

So we looked out for the best fly fishing rods on the market. These are not cheap, toy rods. They are not disposable like some of the spinning rods seem to be with their low prices. But these are products of the highest quality that will lead to some of the greatest hours spent fly fishing in your life.

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Tenkara Sato Fly Fishing Rod Multi-Size Telescopic

This fly fishing rod is highly ranked by users at Amazon, with all 5 out of 5 star ratings. It comes in at less than $200, which is a great price for such a high-quality piece of fly fishing equipment. It is often purchased along with the Tenkara Fly Fishing Fluorocarbon Level Line 3.5, available in a variety of colors. The rod has a great build quality, fit, and finish.

This rod is super lightweight and provides you with a precise, versatile casting ability. Its triple zoom telescoping allows the fisher to adjust the size to 10’8”, 11’10”, or 12’9” so that no matter the size of the stream, you will be ready to catch fish in no time. The few extra feet it provides compared to many other rods come in very handy when fishing in a larger stream. It works perfectly for small streams and large rivers, and for lakes and ponds even. It comes with a set of two rod plugs, so in case you lose one while out fishing, or while storing the rod, you always have another at hand. The plugs handily store in the bottom of the rod while fishing, making losing it less likely.

This telescoping rod collapses down to only 22.75 inches in length, and comes with a Tenkara USA hard rod case, so you know it will be safe as you transport it from location to location, or store it in your truck or garage. It’s light enough to carry while hiking to your favorite fishing spot, and fits well in a backpack.

For the serious fisher looking for a high-quality, lightweight, versatile telescoping fly fishing rod, the Tenkara Sato is the one to choose!

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Wetfly Back Country Tenkara Fly Rods

This cork-handled, telescopic fly rod comes in either 12’ or 13’ lengths. It comes with a handy bamboo box with 12 flies included, and room for more. This rod is specifically designed for back country fly fishing and focuses on the simplicity of catching fish with just the rod, line, and fly. It also comes with two furled leaders and one spool of 5x tippet. Both the 12’ and 13’ rods are 7:3 action. The rod comes with a hard plastic tube to keep it in safely during transport, and an attractive nylon bag for the tube to go in to make it easier to carry.

This is a great rod for teaching inexperienced fishers to fly fish. It’s sturdy and sensitive and we’ve always experienced catching fish almost immediately once we got to the right position. There’s no reel, so the art of pulling in the fish can be a two-person job if one is inexperienced, so it’s great for a family outing. It’s great for moms and dads who want to teach their sons and daughters how to fish.

The rod is popular, and highly rated on Amazon. Seventy-five percent of the ratings are 4 or 5 stars out of 5 possible, and only 25% are 2 star ratings. There are no 1 star ratings. The price is right at under $150, especially considering the purchase includes everything you need to get out fly fishing immediately. One thing to be careful for on this rod is the tip. We’ve seen inexperienced fishers break the tips off, though there are replacement tips available on the Tenkara site for a reasonable price. This, of course, is true of nearly any fishing rod you might use.

In addition to the rod, Tenkara provides a book on fly fishing that would be helpful for beginning fishers who are buying this rod. It can also be found on Amazon.

Whether you are a beginning fisher or a well-experienced fly fisher, this telescoping fly fishing rod is sure to work great for you, to fit right into your backpack (I put mine in the side pocket) and provides everything you need for many years of great fly fishing.

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