Look around your house. Chances are, you have some sort of miniatures. Little nick knacks that resemble the larger, actual items. Maybe you are a fan of models, and have a 1964 Aston Martin DB5. It’s even more fun if the hood opens onto a little engine, and the doors open, and even more exciting if it makes engine sounds and the headlights work. And if it actually drives? Perfection!

We tend to like things that come in miniature. Sometimes, as above, we like them for the look and feel of a real thing we’ll never be able to own. But sometimes, a miniature that actually works like the larger thing it represents is possible, and what is more fun than that?

That’s where pen fishing rods come into play. They are handy to carry around, they are aesthetically pleasing (one might even say cute), and they come in a variety of fun colors and styles to fit the needs of every fisher you know – man, woman, or child.

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HDE Pocket Size Pen Shaped Collapsible Fishing Rod Pole and Spinning Reel Combo

Get ready to go fishing anytime, anywhere with this, the world’s smallest fishing rod! The HDE pocket fishing pole and reel comes in a variety of colors: black, red, blue, yellow, and silver. It costs less than $16, and comes with the reel, line, and rod. It’s perfect for adults and children alike.

On Amazon, this rod and reel have received over 119 reviews, a whopping 62% of which were very positive. There were 26% of reviews with one star, but mainly these came from people who expected the performance of a standard rod and reel, and that’s not what the pen rod and reel are. People who enjoy it for what it is have a great time with this rod and reel.

We’ve found this to be an excellent tool for smaller water fishing ponds, and have caught countless bream including blue gill and shell crackers with no problems. Of course, it is used for small fish, and it does an excellent job with them. The reel doesn’t have an anti-tension knob on it, but the portability and ease of use make that feel unimportant.

Children really enjoy having this little rod, as they can work it themselves, and even carry it around in their own pockets. But that doesn’t mean it’s not great for adults on the go as well. It’s perfect for keeping in your pocket or glove box, and taking out on a whim at a local fishing hole.

This pen rod and reel makes an excellent gift or stocking stuffer. Each family member can get one in a different color, and enjoy them together throughout the fishing season. Try it out, and see who can catch the most fish with their HDE mini pocket fishing rod and reel!

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2nd: Docooler® Mini Aluminum Pocket Pen Fishing Rod Pole + Reel

This delightful pen sized rod and reel are perfect for situations where a full sized rod and reel may be inconvenient or unavailable. It’s a delightful little tool, clicks together for easy use, and comes in silver, black, blue, red, purple, and gold – enough colors for each family member to have one of their own.

The reel easily attaches between two grooves in the pen’s body. The aluminum alloy reel has forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control, for ease of use for beginner or experienced fishers.

This is a popular product sold on Amazon, coming in at less than $11, and has received 38 reviews. Of these reviews, 32% have received 5 out of 5 stars, with another 24% receiving four stars. 21% of reviews gave it a rating of 3 stars, and only 5% gave it a 2 star rating.

It is easy to carry around, and assemble on the go. We have found that a little weight is beneficial (one split shot should do it), and after switching out the line for a mono filament, we’ve caught largemouth bass as bit as 4-5 pounds each! Although it is necessary to occasionally tighten the reel seat, it’s not much of a problem and easily done. We’ve found it to be nice and sensitive – you’ll really feel it when you get a nibble or a bite. In addition, it’s much sturdier than its size might indicate it would be.

This is a perfect little gift for the fisher in your life, or for family stockings at Christmas time. Kids love having a rod that is just their size which they can carry around, but it’s not a toy – some real fishing can be done with this set. It’s definitely one of the best pen rod and reel sets on the market.

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3rd: Meco 38 inch Mini Portable Pocket Aluminum Alloy Fishing Rod Pen

This little rod and reel combo is a steal at under $7, and its popularity reflects that. This little set has received over 170 reviews on Amazon, far more than any other pen style rod and reel set. Of these reviews, 56% have been positive, rating three, four, or five stars out of five. There were 13% that rated just two stars, and 29% rated one star, but it is a fact that this is not a traditional fishing rod and reel and people who are looking for something along that line would tend not to prefer this little combo.

As far as pen fishing poles go, though, this is an excellent choice. It comes in a number of colors: black, silver, red, blue, gold, and purple. Something for each member of the family. It extends 38” and is terrific for catching small fish and even largemouth bass! When we’ve been out kayaking, having this little rod and reel has been perfect. We catch as many fish as we could want, without the bulk of a full sized fishing pole and gear, which wouldn’t fit well in the kayak at all.

This is a perfect little set to fit in pockets, purses, backpacks, glove boxes, or just about anywhere. While it likely won’t be a serious fisher’s main gear, it is something handy to keep around. It makes a great gift for fishers and collectors, and is useful as well as being attractive and interesting looking. We would definitely recommend every fisher to have at least one of these pen rod and reel sets in their repertoire.

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