If you are looking for the best portable rod & reel combo’s click here, below are the best portable fishing rods

Most people have only seen the lengthy version of fishing rods. Portable fishing rods are actually fold-able or collapsible and help with travel from home to the lake.

Technology has grown to the point that specialized portable fishing rods have arrived on the scene. Living up to their name, these are compact enough to carry with you on, say, the outside of your backpack or in a case for that matter.

Today, more and more people are turning to these portable marvels when it comes to hooking that enviably large catch. Outdoor enthusiasts are certain to find these poles a welcome addition to their trip.

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BEST BANG: #1 High Altitude Brands Backcountry Telescopic Fishing Rod

A good telescopic fishing rod is worth its weight in gold. Telescopic rods are designed to be portable, to easily fit in a backpack or hiking bag, and to be easy to use. The best telescopic fishing rods feature locking mechanisms and are almost indistinguishable from normal fishing rods when fully extended.

However, you do need to be careful when buying one – some cheaper models can be extremely poor quality and can break under even a small amount of strain. The High Altitude Brands 5.5, 6 or 6.5ft telescopic fishing rod is designed with strength in mind, and appears to be emerging as an industry leader in the extendable rod niche.

What are the best features of the High Altitude Brands Rod?

Fortunately, the High Altitude Brands telescopic fishing rod has performed extremely well during every test. I have been very happy with the feel of the rod, and have enjoyed discovering just how good telescopic rods can be. Some of the best things about the rod are:

It is very strong:

Featuring a carbon fiber design, the High Altitude Brands telescopic rod is extremely strong. In my eyes, this is an absolute must for any telescopic fishing rod, no matter how cheap they are.

Telescopic rods are naturally a little weak due to the fact that they are made up of a number of short pieces effectively slotted together.

However, when you buy this rod, I promise that you don’t have to worry about its strength. When you hook onto a big trophy fish in a remote area which you rarely get to fish, you don’t want to have to worry about your rod breaking. If you buy a cheap rod or a poor quality import then this is exactly what will happen.

When you hook a big fish using the High Altitude Brands telescopic fishing rod, you will be amazed at how smooth it feels and at the strength it exhibits. When I was testing this rod in my local river, I was extremely happy with the way that I was able to play every fish that I hooked without worrying about placing too much strain on the rod. After being a little careful to begin with, I wasn’t even thinking about the rod snapping by the end of the day.

It weighs next to nothing:

Even though it is very high quality and made of good, strong materials, the High Altitude Brands telescopic fishing rod is also lightweight coming in at only 6 ounces. This has a number of benefits, and is essentially one of the main things I look for when I buy a new extendable rod.

Since telescopic rods are designed to be easily transportable and to have with you when carrying a conventional rod isn’t logical, it makes sense that the best ones are not very heavy. This allows you to easily carry them in a backpack or in your fishing bag, even if you have to walk a long way to get to that secret spot in the woods.

It is designed to last forever:

Unlike some cheap telescopic rods, which probably won’t even last long enough to catch a few fish, the High Altitude Brands rod is designed to be your rod of choice for years to come. As mentioned, it is extremely strong and designed not to break when placed under extreme strain.

It also features reinforced eyes which are designed to withstand the rough treatment which foldable rods generally get. The rod was designed after taking into account customer feedback on a wide range of other telescopic rods, making sure that it featured the things which are most important to a fisherman. I personally inspected the rod and while I haven’t used it for very long, it does look like it will last me for years to come!

It is compact and can be carried when a conventional rod is inconvenient:

Are you going on a family picnic beside a lake, but don’t have room for your fishing gear? In this case, the High Altitude Brands telescopic fishing rod is exactly what you need. Although it is an impressive up to 6.5 feet long when fully extended, it folds down to just 16 inches. This means that the folded version of the rod is compact enough to fit almost anywhere.

Put one of these rods in your glove box or in the back of your car, along with a little lure box, to make sure that you never miss out on a chance to catch a feed. If you always have this rod accessible then you will be able to go and flick a lure for a few hours after work or even during your lunch-break. For me, this is one of the major benefits of telescopic rods in general.

Does the High Altitude Brands rod have any negative aspects?

Honestly, I can say that I haven’t been unable to find any negative things associated with the High Altitude Brands telescopic fishing rod. Although it is new to the market, it stood up very well when I tested it, and outperformed most other telescopic rods that I have used.

In fact, I would almost go as far as saying that if you aren’t an extremely regular fisherman and you just want a rod that you can use from time to time on the weekend, then the High Altitude Brands telescopic rod is all that you need. Don’t waste your time or money buying a fixed one or two piece rod – you won’t find one which is more affordable than the High Altitude Brands rod.

Final conclusion?

Basically, I haven’t been able to fault the new High Altitude Brands telescopic fishing rod. It boasts all the features of a top of the range rod for a fraction of the price. It is strong, durable, and versatile. I was able to catch decent fish with it without it even looking like breaking or letting me down.

All in all I give this rod five stars out of five for its exceptional quality, highly affordable price, and versatility to adapt to any situation.

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#2 PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod

This is a great telescopic fishing rod, the very name of this telescopic fishing rod seems to declare all that it is capable of. Let us explore in detail what makes this rod tick. The manufacturer, Plusinno, prides itself on crafting their rods with creativity inspired from varied sources. This has certainly rendered their brands, this one in particular, smart and user friendly.

  • Thanks to high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass, the fishing pole is not just durable but also quite flexible. It displays excellent elasticity.

  • The stainless steel hooded reel seats protect the material of the rod from seawater corrosion.

  • Enhanced comfort takes the form of the EVA fore grip.

  • The sophisticated design and technology improves touch feeling for this portable fishing rod.

  • The Plusinno TM Telescopic portable fishing rod comes in sizes from 5.91ft to 10.83ftso that you can get the exact size you need.

  • Aluminum oxide guide inserts make even these additions alluring and durable.

  • The fold-able segments are distinct and easy to wield. Once locked into place they stay that way until you make changes. The resetting is as easy as the locking feature is strong.

  • You have several different lengths to choose from after which you can fold or collapse it for easy storage and transportation.

  • This rod is ideal for boat fishing, sea fishing, as well as shore fishing.

  • While this rod does not come with a reel Pulsinno does also sell a great combination rod a reel set combining this great rod with one of their great reels.  Click here to see the rod and reel combo.

The Plusinno TM Telescopic Fishing Rod is a work of art. It functions wonderfully in hand, and they were not kidding about the portability. Taking it between places is a dream and fishing itself is top quality.

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#2 Enjoydeal Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod

This is the third best telescopic fishing rod.  As stylish and practical fishing poles go, this portable one is a great choice. With praiseworthy construction quality and good finishing touches, this rod has plenty to offer on the go.

  • Made from carbon fiber and alloy, this is quite the durable rod not to mention strong.

  • The closed length (17.7 inches) design is portable and compact, adding to the core reason we adopted this rod for our review. When fully extended the rod reaches 6.9 feet.

  • If you are on vacation or simply taking time off to go fishing, this portable fishing pole is ideal for fishing from reefs, shores, and rocks, as well as sea and boat fishing.

  • Any time full-size fishing gear becomes an inconvenience, this rod more than rises to the occasion

  • Aside from heavy capacity capability, the Enjoydeal Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic has outstanding elasticity.

  • The grip is padded for great comfort.

  • The rings are made of smooth rainbow-finish metal.

  • The segments lock into place and do not come loose unless you want to change them in which case resetting is just as simple.

  • The average fishing reel will easily fit onto this portable rod model.

  • The rod is indeed lightweight and tough but is not suitable for fish over 5lbs.

  • It will not snap. All force applied stops at within a few inches from the reel, so you need not worry about it breaking when hooked onto an especially aggressive fish.

The sensitivity of this rod is very high. If someone merely taps the rod’s tip you will feel it where you are holding the grip. Not only can you feel the smallest bite on the bait, but also every little bump as your bait hits rocks. You can certainly feel the fish itself as you reel it in, so you can gauge how much force to apply to pull it in safely. All this makes for efficient fishing.

The Enjoydeal Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Rod is great for catching fish in the small to medium weight limit.

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#3 Okuma’s Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action Portable Fishing Rod

The Okuma Nomad travel rods have a rich tradition of making some of the best portable fishing rods on the market. This one is no exception. From strength to practicality, comfort to multi-functionality here is a rod that puts most other travel fishing rods to shame.

  • The 3-piece design is constructed with European spigot ferrule connections. It gets you the performance of a 1-piece rod while still being able to travel easily nestled inside a padded and waterproof case.

  • There are two tip sections for each rod. One is lighter than the other, ensuring flexibility while maintaining minimal luggage.

  • You get the best dependability among rods of the same range and type. The components are premium grade and save you the trouble of experiencing issues that will demand you take the rod to an authorized Nomad outlet.

  • Travel rod tubes are generally difficult and expensive to move between places. However, Okuma’s Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action is setting a new standard in this regard.

  • Non-slip grips above each ferrule connection makes things easy for gripping and assembly.

  • The extended length of this model is 7 feet long with inshore actions and 2-tip actions for each rod.

  • The cork fore and rear grips are highly durable.

  • The split butt rear grip design is quite the innovative addition.

  • OC9 technology has resulted in a durable graphite rod blank with carbon outer wrap, 3-section rod blank for easy fold-ability.

  • You have an ALPS machined aluminum trigger real seat, ALPS 2-tone anodized aluminum reel seat, and ALPS guides with Zirconium inserts.

  • Aside from a limited lifetime warranty, you also get a waterproof carry bag equipped with a shoulder strap.

This is an all-in-one package deal as portable fishing poles go. It is not complex to learn what each function can bring to your fishing experience. In fact, customer service is top notch where Okuma Nomad is concerned.

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Boat fishing, sea fishing, shore fishing, outdoor camping trips, family get-togethers, national park visits, business trips, vacations, holidays, and more all come to mind that could do with an essential addition to your luggage: a portable fishing rod.

Anyone who finds solace in the simplicity and traditional appeal of fishing must have one of these rods in their collection. It makes for an interesting experience, what with different designs, models, functions, and options where portable fishing poles are concerned.

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