Finding the best telescopic fishing pole depends a lot on what you fish and where you fish.  Telescopic fishing poles are great for all types of fishing and all fishing situations; as long as you have one that is designed well and provides what you need.  I have several of these poles, and I am really happy with their performance.

I fish both fresh and salt water, and I fish just about anywhere I can find a body of water.  I camp and hike, and these poles are perfect no matter where I end up.  I find myself using the telescopic poles more than my full sized poles because they are always with me, I keep them in the trunk.  It took a bit of trial and error before I found the three I take with me everywhere.

The most important thing to me is the action, you can’t catch fish if you don’t know they are hitting.  Many telescopic poles are stiff and unresponsive; this is due in part to the actual construction of the rod.  These three are the best I have come across, they have great responsive medium action, durability, and portability.

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Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Pole Graphite

This Sougayilang telescopic graphite fishing rod is one of the best telescopic spinning rods I have in my collection.  The graphite composite 24-ton construction is strong and flexible, and the medium action is sensitive enough to feel each hit.  Jigging with a telescopic pole can be almost impossible, but the awesome flexibility of this rod makes it possible; it’s not the best, a two piece will always be better, but you can do it with this pole. This pole is treat for canoe and kayak, it’s lightweight and easy to extend. The aluminum reel seats resist corrosion which is great if you fish salt water. The guides are stainless steel with ceramic inserts, they stay looking as nice as the day you got it.  This rod is designed to handle up to a 10-pound fish and I have dead lifted 10 pounds from the boat without a problem.

This Rod Features:

  • Stainless steel with ceramic inserts
  • Is available in: 5’10”, 6’9″, 7’9″, 8’9″, 9’9″, and 11’9″
  • Graphite composite, 24-ton construction
  • Collapses to about 20″

This may not be the typical pole you are used to, but you will warm up quickly, it really is one of the best.  Once you realize just how practical the fishing pole is, you will end up with more than one.  One in the trunk, one in the boat hatch, and one for the backpack.

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Eagle Claw Pack-it Telescopic Fishing Rod

Forget about your perfect salt or fresh water set up, I know you have spent years collecting all of you gear, and a telescopic rod is not part of that package.  I know you have serious reasons why a telescopic pole can’t satisfy your needs as an angler, but guess what, this rod will make you happy.  All of the reasons you have for each and every piece of gear you own are well thought out and they are good reasons; but there are some really good reasons for getting yourself a “good” telescopic pole.

This Rod Features:

  • Graphite construction
  • Fully extended – 5’6″
  • Collapses to about 20″
  • Ceramic inserts

If that list did not open your mind to the possibility of catching something with this telescopic rod, you need to continue reading. I prefer my standard gear, but I don’t hate my portable gear.  Actually, I never thought about getting myself portable gear; either I was going fishing and packing my gear, or, I was not.  Now I am always in fishing mode; it’s hard to drive past a stream without stopping and throwing a line in.  Sometimes I stop and throw a line in just out of curiosity, I couldn’t do that before. This Eagle Claw telescopic rod has medium action and it is strong and durable.  I really like the ceramic guides they keep the line moving smoothly.  This model is 5 foot 6 inches fully extended and the reel seat is made from graphite.  This is a great all around choice if you are looking to enjoy some fishing possibilities at a moments notice.

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KastKing Blackhawk Telescopic Fishing Rod

The KastKing Blackhawk telescopic fishing rod will rival your standard go to pole.  It cannot give you the same action, better feel or quicker response, but it can give you more fishing opportunities.  Don’t compare your favorite rod set up to this or any other telescoping rod, it is not meant to replace or even rival your favorite; it is meant to give you more freedom and more fun!

I was looking for a telescopic rod that could throw in my trunk, strap to my backpack or even tie to my bike.  After experimenting with a bunch of different collapsible beauties, I settled on this one.  I think it really is the best telescopic spinning rod for the price and the quality.

This rod features:

  • Stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts
  • Carbon fiber and e-glass composite
  • Comes in sizes: 5’10”, 6’10”, 7’10”, 8’10”, 9’10”, and 10’10”
  • Collapses to about 20 inches and fits just about anywhere

The action is a big stiffer than the other telescopic poles I have, but not it is not too stiff, it still has great action for a telescopic pole.  I wanted something that could handle all the situations I could throw at it, and this one really impresses me.  It spends a lot of time rattling around in my trunk and it still looks great and works perfectly.

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