Finding the perfect telescopic fishing pole to take with you on your next vacation or business trip can be challenging. You want something that is lightweight enough to make travel easy, but not so fragile or dainty as to break if you go slightly about the recommended weight limit. You’re sure to find your next telescopic fishing pole in this collection.

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Shakespeare Five-Piece Wonderpole Rod

The Shakespeare Five-Piece Wonderpole Rod is a popular choice among Amazon shoppers. It has received a cumulative star rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with 82 percent of raters giving the rod the full 5 stars. This is a 16-foot telescopic fishing pole made of sturdy tubular fiberglass. It includes spare rubber caps, a fluorescent colored tip, and a line keeper. When closed the pole measures in at just under 46 inches, making it idea for travel. The base of the pole is just over an inch thick and the tip is approximately 1/16th of an inch.

The sliding sections are held together with the tension from the decreasing diameter of the tube. The lock when it is fully extended is solid, but it slides back into the compact form with ease. There is just enough room for the line to allow for great diversity. However, it is too small to allow for the use of paracord.

The compliments the reviewers consistently gave for this pole were about the extremely affordable price point and the sturdiness of the construction.
This telescopic fishing pole is just under $20, making it an ideal choice for anyone interested in getting back to the basics of fishing with just a pole and line.

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Pisfun Telescopic Fishing Rod

The Pisfun Telescopic Fishing Rod for freshwater and saltwater has received remarkably high ratings from reviewers at Amazon. The cumulative rating for this rod is 4.9 out of 5 stars, with 90 percent of reviewers giving it the full 5 stars. There are several sizes of the pole available ranging from 6’10 to 11’10 inches, ensuring there is a size suitable for every type of fishing.

This telescopic fishing rod is made of glass composite and 24-ton carbon fiber to create a light weight and ideally balanced rod optimal for combatting fatigue. The reel seat is made of aluminum which is corrosion resistant for years of fishing without the worry of rust accumulation.

The reviewers who have taken this fishing pole out for a spin have consistently commented about the high quality of the craftsmanship. Specifically, that the pole is extremely well balanced and light, making it durable enough for fishing but ideally suited to a variety of travel situations.

The price point for this rod is moderate. Depending on the size you choose the Pisfun Telescopic Fishing Rod is between $32 and $42. If you are looking for a great travel telescoping spinning fishing rod, this is one to look at more closely.

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Eagle Claw Pack It Telescoping Spinning Rod

The Eagle Claw Pack It Telescopic Spinning Rod measures in at 5 feet 6 inches. It is one of the most popular telescoping fishing rods on Amazon with more than 110 customer reviews. The combined rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars, with just over 60 percent of reviewers giving it the full 5-star rating.

The rod has a sturdy glass construction that collapses down to about 16 inches making it great for camping and hiking trips. The comfortable EVA foam handle ensures that you will be able to fish longer without becoming tired, and the graphite reel seat means it will be sturdy enough to keep going right along with you.

This is a medium action rod with four eyelets. It is ideal for freshwater fishing, but is a bit too small to use in saltwater. You can attach a small spin reel to the rod if you want to change up your fishing routine.

The price point is in line with most other telescoping spinning rods at about $16. The most frequent compliment for this pole was the remarkable longevity. Some rods like this will break quickly due to the nature of use they receive, but numerous reviewers mentioned having the rod for multiple years of active use.

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KastKing BlackHawk Telescopic Fishing Rod

The KastKing BlackHawk Telescopic Fishing Rod has been extremely well received by the fishing community on Amazon. More than 50 reviewers have chimed in to give the rod a cumulative rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, with 73 percent awarding it the full 5 stars.

This rod is marketed as a travel spinning rod. It is made of 24-ton carbon fiber and glass composite providing consumers with both sensitivity and power. It is well balanced and light weight making it ideal for those long days of fishing when fatigue could quickly become a problem.

The reel seat is made from a corrosion resistant aluminum to ensure many years of fishing without the worry of the elements slowly eating away at the rod. There are several sizes available to ensure freshwater and saltwater fishermen can find what they need. The sizes range from 5’10” to 10’10” with a price point that increases from between about $25 to $46. It is important to note that while one of the images used to showcase the rod does include a reel, the product is not shipped with a reel. However, there are many styles from which to choose if you want to add a reel to your fishing experience.

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Telescopic fishing poles are a great solution for people who will be traveling. Whether you are hiking to your favorite campsite, walking down the road to your local fishing spot, or on your way to a business meeting with the hopes of sneaking some fishing in, one of these poles will help make your fishing dreams a reality.


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