So you have purchased the best telescopic fishing rod that you want to use and now you are looking for a fishing rod holder to use when you are relaxing on the shore line waiting for the fish to bite.

Well, you are in luck because below are the best fishing rod holders that we have found in our research.

These fishing rod holders are great if you are cat fishing or doing some other type of fishing that involves hurry up and wait tactics.

The best fishing rod holders must be light and portable but yet strong to ensure easy carrying and that it will hold up under the rigors of fishing.

Us here at Telescopic Fishing Rod HQ have done the research for you and you can sit back and enjoy the results with none of the guess work.

The Best Shore Line Fishing Rod Holders Are…


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#1 MiniFighter Fishing Rod Holder

Coming in under $20 this is the most cost effective rod holder. This fishing rod holder is the highest rated on Amazon with the lowest amount of negative ratings. What makes these great is that they are made of 100% steel meaning they will stand up to just about anything, even up to 100 pounds of stress. In addition they have a hook on the side which allows you to hang other items such as a lantern if you are fishing at night for example. Topping it of is that these are made in the USA and are affordable.

The only down side on these is that they are less portable than some of the other options, coming in at 3lbs+ and not collapsible in any way. These are best used at your favorite spot that you can drive to rather than hiking in to a lake or stream with them as they would be to heavy for this.

Check out these details:

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Steel construction
  • 100% Powder Coated
  • 100% TIG welded
  • up to 100 lbs. stress tested
  • Comes in three different color options: Red, Black, Blue

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#2 Anglers Pier Cart Fish n Mate Surf Spike Rod Holder

At just under $38 this rod holder is a little on the expensive side. But, this fishing rod holder is built for fishing on a beach or shore line where you need additional height. Being one large 48″ aluminum piece it is even less portable than the MiniFighter. But if this is they type of fishing holder that you are looking for this will work great. Light Aluminum, and give you the height that you need. It has a nice spike at the bottom and a foot push to really get this thing down into the ground easy.

With twenty six total reviews it has a 4.6 our of 5 stars. Only two one star reviews, one two star, three star, and four star review with the rest being five star reviews. So this means that over all this is a very nice item that people are getting good use out of.

Check out these details:

  • 50″ long 1/8 x 1.5 angle sand spike
  • made from a non-corrosive aluminum anodized finish
  • Foot push.
  • Nylon cap to secure reel.

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#3 South Bend Folding Rod Holder

Currently selling for under $4.50 this is about as cheap of a rod holder that you are going to find, I bumped this one over #4 simply because of its portability, throw it in your car, throw it in you backpack, this little thing you can take with you anywhere! I say I bumped it up because the reviews give this little guy a pounding some coming in at only 3.7 out of 5 stars with BUT none of them are one star.

Most of the low reviews are because this thing is made cheap which is exactly the point of this type of fishing rod holder.

If you are looking for something portable this is your rod holder.

Check out these details:

  • 18-1/2″ rod holder
  • Compact, folds to 9-1/2″ for easy storage
  • Accommodates spinning, casting and spin cast rod handles of all types
  • Metal spade easily and firmly inserts into the ground
  • Less than 6.4oz

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#4 South Bend Heavy Duty Spiral Rod Holder

Currently coming in under $4 this is the heavier duty brother of #3. This thing is made out of solid metal with a non-chip paint finish. Aside from the #1 fishing rod holder this one is probably the most sturdy and the design is simple, a curlycue of metal extending into a long metal stake section. Simply stab it into the ground and your ready to get fishing.

Check out these details:

  • Coated non chip finish with a sturdy metal design
  • Vertical design
  • The actual length is 12.5 inches
  • The width of the opening is 1.25″ and will not allow the short, Eva type handle of bait casting rods

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