Pocket fishing rods are a relatively new innovation which people are beginning to turn to for a compact, single piece rod and reel. They are designed to be compact, and yet still high enough quality to land decent fish on. They are usually used by campers, hikers, and backpackers who don’t have a lot of space for conventional rod and reel combos.

Pocket fishing rods are a prime example of how something can be simple, and yet still absolutely functional. They tend to weigh next to nothing, fit into tiny storage spaces, and can be carried without difficulty when hiking or walking to a fishing spot. Although they are small, don’t be tempted to think that they are weak or unable to land a fish. The best pocket fishing rods can land fish bigger than you would expect, and are well worth adding to your fishing collection.

The Ronco Pocket Fisherman Spincasting Outfit


The Ronco Pocket Fisherman spincasting pocket combo is possibly the best one the market. It is small and lightweight, and yet can land plenty of decent sized fish before wearing out. It is relatively cheap, and I haven’t heard anyone give a poor review of it (other than the expected “it’s too small” or “it can’t land a 15-pound catfish”). If you are a keen fisherman who likes to always have a rod and reel available to you, then I would highly recommend purchasing a Ronco Pocket Fisherman and keeping it in your glovebox at all times. Who knows – you might have a few hours free unexpectedly one day. Having this rod available will mean that you can get out and have a fish rather than wasting your time!

Pros of the Ronco Pocket Fisherman:

  • It is tiny – it really is small enough to fit in your pocket!
  • It weighs very little, adding to its portability.
  • It contains built-in features such as anti-reverse gearing which make it a decent reel.
  • It comes with built in storage enabling you to always have a few lures with you.
  • The belt clip makes it easy to carry around in a hands-free manner.

The Ronco Pocket Fisherman is undoubtedly one of the best pocket fishing rods on the market. It is tough, lightweight, and truly small enough to fit in your pocket without sacrificing any strength or fishability.

One of the best features of the Ronco Pocket Fisherman is its size. When folded up it measures just 9*3*3 inches, and weighs in at under 1.5 pounds. I dare you to find another fishing rod which is this small! Having such a small size is beneficial to a wide demographic of people, especially those who enjoy fishing spontaneously. Personally, I like being able to carry this rod with me everywhere (well almost!), as it gives me the ability to have a few casts when I come across a new stream or lake which I want to try out. Being able to do this enriches my fishing life and makes everything seem so much more fun!

Further proof that it is a real fishing rod able to land decent fish is the fact that it contains built in features including automatic anti-reverse gearing. I have found that many cheap ‘pocket’ or ‘pen’ rods come with such poor-quality reels that they are basically useless. They often break after just a few uses, and are unable to handle any sort of fish. However, this is not the case with the Ronco Pocket Fisherman! Its reel seems able to stand up to the pressure of relatively large fish without breaking or wearing out too quickly. I have personally caught fish up to about 6 pounds (3kg) using this rod, but that is by no means the limit of its capabilities.

Probably my favourite feature of the rod is its built-in storage capabilities. Although it may seem impossible considering its size and compactness, it is possible to store a couple of lures inside the rod itself. There is a small compartment near the base of the rod which has enough space for at least two or three small lures. This is perfect, as it means that you don’t have to worry about taking tackle boxes or other things: pack the Ronco Pocket Fisherman and you will have everything you need for an enjoyable afternoon fishing!

With a belt clip built into the combo, transportability has never been easier! Next time you go hiking, walk into a fishing spot, or simply don’t know if you need a spare rod, clip the Ronco Pocket Fisherman onto your belt. I find this function extremely useful, as it means the rod doesn’t take up any space within my backpack, but still leaves my hands free – something which is vital when I am hiking over difficult terrain to a new fishing spot.

Cons of the Ronco Pocket Fisherman:

  • The size can be a limiting factor which affects exactly what you are able to catch.
  • The line can sometimes tangle up inside the reel if you aren’t careful.

Although it seems like the fishing rod from heaven, the Ronco Pocket Fisherman does have some weak points. Although they aren’t a lot, they need to be mentioned, as they can affect both the performance of the rod and the experience of using it.

Obviously, the size of the combo is a limiting factor. While not necessarily negative, it means that you are unable to land anything larger than a couple of pounds, except when you get very lucky. The short rod means that you will struggle to guide any fish out of snags or above sticks in the water, meaning you will probably lose a lot more than with a conventional rod. However, I have found that once I got the hang of using it, I could minimise the impact of the lack of length by adapting my fishing style to suit.

One other problem which I have experienced occasionally with the Ronco Pocket Fisherman is line tangles inside the reel itself. Since the reel is internal, it can be difficult to monitor it and prevent tangles or other problems. If you are casting wrong or using the reel wrong, then it is very easy to end up with a large tangle which is difficult to fix.

Final Verdict:

Although I wouldn’t use this rod for my everyday fishing needs, it is undoubtedly one of the best pocket fishing rods around. It can easily be stored in your glovebox or trunk, and therefore is always available to use. The low price means that it is possible to buy one, even if it is just to test it out and see how it goes.

The Ronco Pocket Fisherman gets five stars for its compactness and versatility. A great buy!

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