If you are looking for a nice fishing rod bag to take on your next fishing trip you will be happy to know there are options for every price point and size. In my experience it is best to keep a few options packed and ready to go so you don’t have to deal with the headache of packing everything up at the last minute. It makes it easier for me to store everything in a travel case so I know what to grab if I want to fish off the pier or if I want to do a little fly fishing with my father at the cabin. Ultimately the type of bag you choose should reflect what rods you will be using with it and how it fits into your overall storage plans.

These are the best fishing rod cases for 2016


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Sougayilang Folding Portable Waterproof Double-Layer Fishing Rod Bag

The Sougayilang fishing rod case is available in four different sizes to fit the needs of any fisherman. The prices range from about $14 to around $36 and correspond to the size of the case. All of the cases are made of durable canvas with a waterproof lining. The base of the fishing rod case is coated with rubber to further protect your poles. There is one large compartment for your pole, or poles if you choose one of the larger options. Each case also has three smaller pouches that are ideal for storing your reel and line. All of the cases have a sturdy handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap to ensure maximum maneuverability while walking to your favorite fishing spot.

I prefer the smallest version of this fishing rod case because it’s perfect for a single pole. It’s ideal when I’m traveling by car and I don’t need a lot of extra protection but I want to be able to keep everything together. The adjustable shoulder strap makes my gear easy to carry which is especially nice on the way back to the car when I’m also carrying fish. At under $14 the price is impossible to beat, I have a few poles I use this bag for.

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Almatess Portable Waterproof Double-Layer Camo Fishing Rod Case

The Almatess case measures in at 47.2” by 6.3”. It has a double layer design that provides plenty of room for rods and reels as well as extra line, lures, bait, or even some snacks for the day. The waterproof material is great for keeping everything inside safe from splashes or light rain and the handles make carrying everything from the car to the lake easier. On the way back you can sling it over your shoulder so your hands are free to carry back the fish. It’s also affordable at just under $19, you can buy a few to keep your gear separate.

I use this fishing rod case to hold a couple of my favorite freshwater rods. They are both two-piece 7-foot rods and I put the reels in one of the outer pockets. The first trip I used this case there was a heavy downpour on the way to the lake. I was a little worried some of the stuff I had stored in the smaller compartment might get wet but everything was still dry when we got back to the car. This was good for me as my cell phone case wasn’t waterproof at the time. Overall this is a great medium sized bag for and affordable price.

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Allen Company Cottonwood Fishing Rod Case

The Allen Company cottonwood fishing rod bag is one of my favorites for taking my gear with me when I am going to be flying somewhere because it is a little bit sturdier and more compact. The dimensions of the case are 31.5 x 9.5 x 6inches and it weighs in at just over four pounds. The cost is a bit more substantial at around $85, but in my opinion it is completely worth it because of the customization options the case provides and it fits nicely in the overhead compartment.

As for the customization options. There is a long section to hold the rods that have been broken down, I can easily fit in four pieces. When the case is opened the top has numerous see-through pockets to hold various small accessories. There are adjustable dividers for the rods and smaller ones to keep reels or other gear separated. The frame isn’t a hard case; this is a bag but it is sturdy sort of like a small suitcase. There are several exterior zippered pockets to store your wallet, phone, or other items if you want to use this for your main carry on.

You have several options for actually carrying this case as well. There is a sturdy handle that is well placed in the center of the case that is comfortable to carry even when the case is fully loaded. There is also a removable padded shoulder strap if you need to keep your hands free. This is my go-to case whenever I have to travel and have to keep my fishing gear more manageable. It won’t hold my biggest rods but it will let me bring several of my favorites with me and I don’t have to worry about having to hand it over and hope it gets to my destination safely.

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Finding the perfect fishing rod case is almost as much fun as finding the perfect rod for every location. I enjoy fishing and everything that goes with it. I find that the better organized I am the more I am able to relax and enjoy the experience of fishing. I like the Sougayilang for day trips to a nearby lake. I usually take the Almatess for weekend trips to the cabin because it holds a little bit more. When I have a business trip I think will leave me with a little time to explore the local fishing spots I usually take the Allen Company case. Choosing the right fishing rod bag can make the difference between a mediocre fishing trip and one that is phenomenal.


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