When you go on a fishing trip, the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination to find that your rod or reel is broken from rolling around in the back of the car. Rod and reel tubes are becoming popular among fishermen who either travel a long way to get to their fishing spots, or who have a particularly tough journey – for example, hiking cross country to get to a trout or salmon river.

They are especially popular among fly fisherman, due to the fragility of fly rods and reels. They are designed to fully cover and protect your gear, while also providing a simple way to carry it.

A good tube will be tough and durable, lined with some sort of protective interior, and will have a well designed reel cover. Here are the top three best fishing rod and reel tubes on the market:

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Allen Company RipRap Fishing Rod Case

Due to its adaptability and ability to be used with any type of rod, the Allen Company fishing rod and reel tube is one of my favorite. It is strong, designed for people who fish in the toughest of locations at the worst times of year. The padded reel case makes sure that my reels always get to and from my fishing spots without a scratch. Since I have started using this tube, I have experienced next to no damage to my gear when hiking to a spot, and have saved a huge amount of money on repairs and on buying new rods.

Although some users have issues with the quality of this rod tube – which I would assume is due to its Chinese make – the fact that it is one of the only models of this size on the market which is also able to hold a reel is a big plus. It is only 45 inches long, which is an easily manageable size, but can hold two piece rods up to 7 feet, or four piece rods up to 13 feet. I usually find that as long as I’m not using huge rods and reels, I can fit two combos in the tube at the same time without risking damage. I find this especially useful, as it allows me to carry different gear with me at all times.

Alternatively, if you only need to carry one rod, then this tube has enough space for most of your tackle as well. This means that, once again, you can reduce the amount of gear you need to carry when hiking to remote fishing locations. I often walk a number of miles to get to fishing spots, and only need to carry a small backpack and the Allen Company rod and reel tube.

This tube gets the next best thing to a five star rating, with its quality the only thing preventing it from being perfect.

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BW Sports RC-1000 Fly Rod and Reel Case

Although this tube is designed specifically for fly rods and reels, I find it an extremely useful addition to my fishing arsenal. It fits two piece rods up to nine feet long, and its rigid design means that you will never have to worry about breakages during transport.

Just because this fishing rod and reel tube is designed for fly combos doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for your other rods. The only thing to note is that because the shape of the bag is made to fit a fly rod (which generally have very short butts), you may need to dismount your reel so that it will fit. Don’t buy this tube specifically for a non-fly rod, but if you are a fly fisherman who also uses other rods sometimes, it is the perfect case.

One of the main features which sets the BW Sports fishing rod and reel tube ahead of similar products is the large storage pockets attached to the sides. These are big enough to store spare reels, fly cases, or even small tackle boxes (or, if you think like me, a couple of beers and a packet of chips).

For what it is, this tube is extremely good value for money, and seems to be comparable to any other top of the range product. Despite their widespread use, I have never heard of anyone having problems with the quality or design of BW tubes. For me, this rod and reel tube gets a perfect five star rating – I can’t find any flaws in it.

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Adamsbuilt Fly Tailwater Rod Case with Pouch (4-Piece)

This is a highly specialized rod and reel tube which is designed specifically for four piece fly rods up to nine feet long. It is extremely popular within the fly fishing community due to the fact that it is both compact and tough. In my opinion, it is extremely well designed, with separate sleeves for each part of the rod that reduce any chance of damage to your rod.

One of the most popular features of the Adamsbuilt Fly Tailwater Rod Case is the shoulder strap which allows hands-free carrying. I find this feature especially useful when hiking across rough terrain, as it allows me to have both hands free to climb over rocks or scramble up banks.

Although I have heard people complain about the quality of this tube, I think that it is up there with the best. It seems to be very well made, is cheap, and comes from a reputable company. I would give five stars to the Adamsbuilt fishing rod and reel tube on every day of the week!

*Keep in mind that this is a very specialized rod and reel tube, and unlike the BW sports tube above, will not carry very many other types of rod (unless they are very short, or also break into four pieces). I would only recommend buying this if you plan to use it solely for four piece fly rods that are less than nine feet long.

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