BWCA, Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area pictureThere is nothing like canoeing and fishing in the Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area. You get to enjoy the cool and calming breeze, admire the view of Minnesota from the waters and find peace among the fishing community. I try to visit at least three times every year. There is just something about the atmosphere that grabs my attention. I see many just like myself that come every year around the same time I go to catch big bass and northern pike. I love a challenge and these two give me that satisfaction. I have formed friendships that will take me through a life time of fishing and relaxing times on every vacation here. Sometimes I take the family but two out the three visits are by myself; I need the relaxation of fishing in peace and quiet. We all know that is the best way to catch fish. Although I am not from Minnesota I schedule my trips just to visit here. I could go anywhere but this is the best place to me. The comfort of being on the boundary waters of Minnesota brings a smile to my face and I get excited just thinking about the trip.

The canoe ride brings many things to mind. Not only do I get to catch my favorite fish but I can enjoy all the things that nature has to offer. The best time to go for me is in May then again in June as these are the best times to catch as many fish as I can. I love to show off my pictures when I get home of how many I caught that are trophy worthy. Most of my friends only go in June so make a big celebration out of it. They only go for fishing so we grab a canoe and start our day off early. The mosquitoes and black flies can get bad out here on the water but that surely will not stop me from enjoying myself as I always travel with my bug spray. When I go out by myself I generally find a good spot, start casting and await the outcome. Most of the time I catch bass but I get a few pike here and there. Pike will bite anything so they are not hard to catch. Where I go there are more bass than pike. I find a great little area with branches and timber which is where bass like to hide.

The boundary waters of Minnesota have been treasured for many years and will stay that way to me for many more. The canoe ride is awesome, the fishing is peaceful and the courtesy of the people around you are outstanding. With all of these benefits who wouldn’t want to visit and take advantage of all they have to offer. The plus is they have many river mouths, drop offs, deep ridges, shoals and more for northern pikes. They also have many waters and areas that attract bass like heavily timbered areas, streams, shallow muddy waters, channels among others. There is no limit to the places you can catch your favorite fish especially in a canoe. The views are breathtaking and make it more relaxing to catch the big ones you want. I would suggest BWCA to anyone looking for a great fishing experience from a canoe; it is totally awesome and definitely worth your time and effort. So let me get into the other benefits Minnesota boundary waters has to offer within the fishing community.

You can bring your own canoe or just hire one for your time on the waters. Now that is a plus to any fisherman just wanting to experience a good time without carrying all the extra luggage that usually comes with a trip. There is lodging options to make you feel at home. So when you get done, have caught your prize winning fish and took your picture you can clean it and put it up for dinner. This is a plus if you do not like sleeping in the great outdoors. Tents are not for me so I prefer the lodging option but many want to do the other to be closer to nature. If you do choose to camp out you can hit the waters at any time. It is more convenient as you will be closer to the water and can get that early catch. In the BWCA fishing in a canoe is one of the best outback treasures you could ever experience in life. I can say this first hand as I have had many adventures on these waters. With so many different places on the waters there’s no way you couldn’t find your favorite spot. We all need a vacation off to ourselves or with family and friends and this is an excellent place to consider. The planning is easy and the benefits outweigh the cost any time of the day. I look forward to going this year and the year after that. So if you want to enjoy the waters as I do start planning now. Get the most out of your fishing adventures by visiting the boundary waters of Minnesota. Once you go the first time you will become addicted to the canoe rides and beautiful scenery surrounding you. You will find yourself excited to see the fishing season arise. It will feel good to know that this could be an escape from your busy life while enjoying the great waters, catching the sun and relaxing in peace.

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