Sea fishing rods are designed for use in the ocean, either from boats or from beaches and rock platforms. They need to be relatively heavy duty (compared to lighter spinning or freshwater rods at least), and should be able to withstand the tougher conditions that fishing in the ocean presents.

A good telescopic sea fishing rod and reel should have a number of features. They should be strong but flexible so that they can handle the surf and the tides. The reel should be relatively heavy duty, and should hold a lot of line to allow you to cast a long way. Depending on the target species and method of fishing, sea fishing reels may one of a number of different types, but eggbeater reels are the most common. Here are my top three telescopic sea fishing rod and reel sets:

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KastKing Combo Spinning Carbon Fiber Rod & Reel

In my opinion, the KastKing telescopic combo is one of the best sea fishing rod and reel combos on the market today. It comes in a range of sizes from 5 foot 10 inch to 8 foot 10 inch, which means that you can choose the size which is best suited to your needs.

There are a number of features which make this combo my favorite telescopic rod and reel option. They include:

  • Its value. On a price to quality ratio, this rod sits way above any other I have discovered. Although it is super cheap for what it is, it is still quite good quality – about as good as you are going to get unless you start upgrading to super expensive specialized models.
  • The reel is high-powered and able to stop the largest of fish. KastKing reels have their own innovative drag system which provide a stopping power of up to 20LBs. They have precision, machined gears and pinions which make for unbeatable performance.
  • The precision manufacture of the reel, combined with its nine ball bearing system, give it an extremely smooth action.
  • The rod is lightweight, but strong. This means that you can easily transport and use it without worrying about either muscle fatigue or the rod breaking.

Everyone I know who has used this combo was both surprised and extremely impressed with the action of the reel. In my opinion, it is comparable to models which sell for three or four times its price. Every single one of its components are constructed from high quality metal, and it can be used as both a left handed or a right handed reel.

I have heard of people having issues when using the reel in saltwater. Apparently the reel can seize up (very rarely) if it is exposed to too much salt or sand. However, this is pretty much the same as for any reel, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. The manufacturer is usually responsive and happy to help you out if you have received a dysfunctional product that has’t worked from the beginning.

In my humble opinion, the KastKing telescopic rod and reel combo gets five stars. As long as you aren’t looking for something super heavy duty, or for a rod that is too long, then it is definitely your best option.

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Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Fishing Reel Combo:

This combo from sougayilang is good for fishermen who are looking for a particularly heavy duty and relatively long telescopic rod and reel combo. The longest option extends to 10.87 feet (3.3 meters), and is almost long enough to be called a surf rod. Its carbon fiber construction means that it is especially strong and able to handle the toughest oceanic conditions out there.

This is an extremely popular combo among surf fishing enthusiasts (me included) who often travel with limited space or a limited ability to transport a full length surf rod. With eight different segments, the longest model folds up to under two feet long, which means that it is easy to throw in the boot of the car or on the back of your motorbike.

I have heard very few negative comments about this combo, the main ones being what you would expect. A few people have had problems with the rod breaking, but I attribute this to user inexperience and lack of knowledge rather than problems with the rod. Most people who use it say that it is one the best combos they have ever used, even going so far as to compare it to non-telescopic rods.

Five stars from me! Just note that the combo doesn’t usually come pre-spooled, but will need spooling with line when you receive it.

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Sougayilang Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod with Spinning Fishing Reel Rod Combo:

In my opinion, Sougayilang makes some of the best telescopic rods on the market. For this reason, a second one of their combos makes my top three telescopic sea fishing rods and reels. This model is even larger than the previous one, with the longest rod coming in at 3.58 meters.

The reel boasts either a 12 + 1 or 13 + 1 ball bearing system, depending on the model, and also has a 5.2:1 or 5.5:1 gear ratio. It is super smooth, as most Sougayilang reels are, and should handle any fish you can catch. Once again, it doesn’t come pre spooled, and you will have to spool it yourself when you receive it.

I know people who choose this rod over any other when fishing off various rock platforms and beaches, especially if they need to hike to them. The longest model has ten separate sections, and folds up to well under two feet (53cm). Due to the number of sections, I usually don’t even notice that this is a telescopic rod. It is well weighted, locks together extremely well when extended, and is very strong due to its carbon fibre fibreglass composite construction.

Once again, this combo gets five stars from me. When choosing a telescopic sea fishing combo, any of my top three are equally as good as each other (in my opinion of course!), so you should choose based on your specific needs.

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