Finding a great retractable fishing rod and reel can be challenging. It’s difficult to know which manufacturers are reliable and which ones should be put out of business. The three rods I’ve chosen to review today are all solid construction at a midrange price point. They are great for beginners and for more experienced users who need a portable backup that won’t take up much room but will provide a quality fishing experience.

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Freehawk Portable Retractable Fishing Rod with Reel Kit


This is an excellent and affordable kit to store in the trunk of your car for those last minute fishing opportunities. This kit includes a 63-inch retractable fishing rod with reel, a carrying bag, fishing line, baits, and hooks. The fishing rod is made of ABS plastic and has a hard foam handle. When retracted it measures just under 18-inches. The reel is also made of hard plastic and has a foldable handle. The bag is cloth and has two compartments to make storage easier. The line is rated up to 4lb but this is definitely best suited to small 1-2lb fish.

One of the biggest selling points for this retractable fishing rod is the all-inclusive kit. The fact that you don’t have to look for line or accessories and you have a storage and carry case to put everything is really convenient. I’ve given this set as a gift to a number of teenagers and adults who were new to fishing and they all had positive experiences that got them hooked on fishing.

For me, this is the perfect just in case kit. I keep it in the trunk of my car for those days I have more free time than I expected. However, it would also be a great little kit for children or grandchildren to use when they want to join in the fun. It would even make a nice fallback for a friend or relative who was visiting and didn’t bring any gear with them. While it isn’t my go-to for a planned fishing trip and I wouldn’t use it in places where I might hook anything bigger than a couple of pounds, it really is a quality kit for how I use it.

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Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Kits


The Sougayliang telescopic fishing rod and reel combo is a step up. It has a more modern look and the feel is a little higher end. There are six sizes available that range from 5.91 feet to 10.87 feet. The rod is made from durable carbon fiber. The metal reel and the foam grip ensure a good fishing experience. This is a great little travel pole if you are going to be fishing from the shore. However, you will need to purchase line, lures, hooks and a travel case for it separately. If your target is larger fish be sure to purchase high quality lure and appropriate line.

I actually bought this pole as a spare. I have the 7-foot model and it only takes up about 17-inches when it is retracted and weighs in at just under 8-ounces. I like knowing that I have a quality back up in case something happens to my main rod. I’ve also let friends use it when something has happened to their gear and several have gone home to buy one as their backup too. The balance is good, the action is smooth, it’s tough, lightweight, attractive, and extremely travel friendly. For the price, it’s hard to beat.

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Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod Kit


The Plusinno telescoping fishing rods are a nice upgrade. You can get it in a variety of sizes ranging from 5.91 feet to 10.83 feet. You can also choose each to receive the lure and line with each size rod and reel if you don’t want to have to shop separately for accessories. The rod is retractable and made of graphite with aluminum guide inserts. The stainless steel reel seats are anti-corrosive and appropriate for freshwater or saltwater use. The grip is foam to ensure comfort. The reel has a short body, large spool, and large line capacity. It has a deep aluminum spool and thick coiled bail spring. The handle is adjustable for right or left use. It is important to note that this doesn’t come with a bag or case so you will want to purchase one for storage and to carry your gear.

I keep one of these on my boat in a nice little bag for guests. I did change the line to 12lb, but that was due to personal preference not because the included line was substandard. This has been used by people in their teens through retirement age and everyone has loved it. It’s lightweight, the handle is comfortable, and the action is smooth. The fact that it doesn’t take up much storage room is just a bonus.

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Everyone needs a backup fishing rod and reel. The price for all of these make them ideal for that purpose and as an option for friends and family who show up unexpectedly. Experienced fishermen will enjoy using any of these rods and appreciate the comfort and the way they handle. Those new to the sport will find them lightweight and easy maneuverability to be less intimidating than some of the more substantial and feature laden rods. Finally, if something happens to one of these rods you won’t be heartbroken and feel like a huge investment has been wasted.

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