Saltwater fishing rods are extremely versatile and can be used to target a wide range of species. Depending on your location, you might choose to use them when spinning, bait casting from a boat or jetty, or for any other saltwater fishing needs.

Okuma is one of the best manufacturers of saltwater fishing rods, reels, and tackle, and is one of the choice brands for experienced fishermen across the world. Although they usually aren’t the cheapest on the market, you pay for what you get. When you have been fishing for a long time then you know that it is often worth paying that little bit extra for something that will hold up to long hours in sometimes tough conditions or fighting big fish. In my experience, Okuma rods are extremely good value, and should be considered by any serious or semi-experienced fisherman.

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Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods


This rod is one of the cheaper Okuma saltwater models on the market, but seems to perform as well as anything, especially if you are targeting smaller species off rock platforms or beaches. The longest model is 12 feet, which I find is long enough to use in most conditions. I find that it performs well in surf conditions (as that is what it is designed for!), but I also enjoy using it off rock platforms and groynes when I need something slightly heavier.
Okuma seems to design their rods for toughness and durability, which means that they are perfect for the rock-hopping fisherman who loves to explore new ground. The longitude surf rod is heaviest duty mid-range models, and can handle big and tough fighting fish.
The cork handle adds a nice finishing touch to the rod design, while I haven’t heard of anyone having any issues with the reel seat being weak or breaking. I have personally used 50lb line to cast heavy sinkers and large baits when surf fishing without a single issue. The graphite composition of the rod gives it the strength to use heavy gear, but it still manages to retain enough flexibility and sensitivity to land smaller fish if that’s all that happens to be around.
While my overall experience with this rod has been positive, I have heard of people having problems. One of the most common problems is the rod breaking within the first one or two uses. This is likely due to factory defects, but is annoying if you have spent your hard-earned money on your new rod, only to have it break straight away. However, Okuma seems to be quite helpful when this does happen, and are usually happy to replace the rod.

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Okuma’s Nomad Inshore Saltwater Multi Action Travel Rods-NTi-S-703ML-M


If you are a traveling fisherman who enjoys fishing in exotic locations, then this rod is for you! The 7-foot design is unique in every way. It breaks down into three sections which are all smaller than 30 inches. This allows maximum trans-portability, which means that you can now take a high-quality rod with you on all your holidays. Although it is a three-piece rod, it has the feel of a one-piece when put together properly. This is due to the rubberized connection system that Okuma have used, which have made it extremely popular amongst a wide range of fishermen.

The rod is also unique in the fact that it comes with two different rod tips, allowing you to choose which you use depending on the conditions and what fish are biting. This means that you effectively get to small, portable travel rods for the price of one – a great deal if you ask me! This was a major factor which influenced my decision to highly rate this rod, as was the fact that it comes with a custom designed carry bag. The carry bag protects the rod, but has enough space for you to throw a bit of tackle in as well.

I have used this rod in a number of situations, and it has held up well in all of them. It is lightweight enough to cast small lures on light line, but strong enough to handle tough fighting reef fish which want to take you straight to the bottom. While I’m sure that some people will have negative comments about this rod, I have never had a problem.

In my opinion, this is one of Okuma’s best saltwater fishing rods, and gets a five-star rating and a strong recommendation!

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Okuma Fishing Tackle CSX-S-1102MH Cedros Surf CSX Graphite Saltwater Spinning Rods


Although this is one of the more expensive rods in the Okuma saltwater range, it is worth every cent that you will pay for it. The length (11 feet) is perfect for surf-casting and spinning for hard fighting fish, and you will benefit from an extremely high quality design.

The rod is constructed from high quality carbon fiber, which means that you will have to try extremely hard if you want to break it. I have used it in some very trying conditions – clambering over rocks, pulling in fish that should be much too big for a rod this size – and have never had the slightest issue. I can truly say that I have tested this rod to the limits, and it has performed every single time!

One of my favorite features is its corrosion resistance. This means that I have been able to use the rod for days at a time in surf and reef spray without worrying about it seizing or becoming rough. It is one of my go-to rods for camping, as it is very low maintenance and doesn’t need to be regularly washed to maintain performance.

While the rod is rated for 1-5 ounce lures, it tends to perform best with weights of 2-3 ounces. However, don’t let this discourage you from casting something a little heavier – you just may not get the same distance you would with a lighter setup.

This rod gets a five-star rating, as I can’t find a single problem with it. If you are looking for a new surf rod, then go for the Okuma Cedros Surf!

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