If you know a child who loves to fish and wants to enjoy the same level of comfort and accessibility as an adult, it is time to examine some of the best fishing vests for kids. While many brands offer small as a sizing option for their adult vests, these may still be too large for some children. Ideally, the fishing vest will be specifically designed for children or will have a youth size offering.

Because children are smaller and have less physical strength, fishing vests make a lot of sense as a way to transport their equipment to and from their favorite fishing location. A traditional tackle box may be too large for their hands and make the trek uncomfortable and less enjoyable.

A well designed fishing vest for children will allow the weight of their gear to be evenly dispersed over their body to make it easier to carry everything they need. Below are some of the absolute best fishing vests for kids at remarkably affordable prices.

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Youth Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fly Fishing Vest


This is a great fishing vest for any child. It is comfortable, affordably priced, light weight, and has numerous storage options. It is loose enough to be worn over winter coats with a front clasp to keep it secure over lighter summer clothing.

The larger version of this vest is marketed to both men and women. This means children can have a vest that will match their adult fishing partner and allow them to enjoy a feeling of comradery.

  • Blended polyester and cotton for maximum comfort and durability.
  • Mesh fabric throughout the body promotes quick drying.
  • Total of nine external pockets in a variety of sizes for convenient storage and customization.
  • A large pocket on the back of the vest easily accommodates bigger items.
  • A loop on the back of the vest is ideal for holding a fishing net or other item.
  • Total of two interior pockets to keep more valuable items protected.
  • All pockets feature zipper or Velcro closures to make it easier to reach necessary items.
  • Multiple sizes available, including youth.
  • Soft knit collar makes the vest more comfortable when filled.

This really is a fantastic choice for areas that breathability is essential. The mesh fabric throughout the entirety of the body will dry almost as fast as it becomes damp. The storage options are abundant and will allow your favorite youth fishing enthusiast to bring along their favorite gadgets and gear.

The Youth Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fly Fishing Vest is functional and comfortable. The back pocket can be filled with less frequently used items and used to more equally distribute the overall weight.

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Lucky Bums Kid’s Fishing and Adventure Vest


This is one of the best fishing vests for girls on the market. It has enough storage to fit all of her fishing necessities and is rugged enough to stand up to an all-day fishing trip. However, this vest offers more than basic functionality. It is also stylish and has enough feminine accents to be worn on camping trips, for hikes, or on family vacations.

  • Adjustable front buckle.
  • Integrated orange safety whistle to ensure children can be heard if they need assistance.
  • Magnetic, snap, and zipper pocket closures to make opening and closing easy.
  • Designed specifically for children between the ages of 7-10.
  • 100% nylon shell to help repel water.
  • Polyester mesh lining to promote quick drying.
  • Lightweight and durable. Weighing in at less than .3 pounds it can comfortably be worn all day.
  • Numerous pockets
  • Holster strap to carry their fishing rod.
  • Loops to secure other items.
  • Large back pocket to help evenly distribute the weight of the gear.
  • 2 internal zipper pockets.
  • Bright pink color makes it easy to spot the child wearing it.

The Lucky Bums Kid’s Fishing and Adventure Vest will likely be used by the lucky recipient for more than fishing trips. It is a stylish vest in an unconventional pink and accented with a delicately embroidered dragonfly on the uppermost pocket. This is really ideal for your favorite little girl.

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Master Sportsman Youth Fishing Vest


This vest has the most pockets out of the options we have selected. It has enough storage room for even the most avid fishing enthusiast. The price point is in line with the other options.

  • Blended cotton and polyester for maximum durability and comfort.
  • 26 pockets dispersed over the body of the vest.
  • One large pocket on the back of the vest for bigger items.
  • Ideal for fly fishing or casting from the bank or dock.
  • Sized specifically for youth with numerous available options including: medium, large, and extra-large.
  • Pockets close with zippers or Velcro for easy access and security.
  • Khaki color makes this a great option for boys or girls.

The Master Sportsman Youth Fishing Vest is sure to become a favorite fishing accessory for the recipient. The numerous pockets mean it can be used throughout the year for a variety of endeavors as well as for the all-important fishing trips.

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The best fishing vests for kids all have one important quality in common, sizing. Children need smaller vests that offer sufficient storage needs similar to those of the adults around them. While they may be smaller many of their accessories will be the same as that of their adult fishing partners.

It can be difficult to find a fishing vest in youth sizes that is as functional and durable as those offered to adults. Many are sold as novelty or pretend play accessories rather than as pieces of equipment intended to enhance the experience of fishing.

All of these fishing vests will provide children with the sizing they need and the functionality they deserve.

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