There are two main types of waders: boot foot waders and stocking foot waders. While the two types are both suited to certain conditions and fishing styles, boot foot fishing waders are generally the cheaper version. They are basically a one piece waterproof suit with shoes attached, which are simply slipped on (and are meant to be waterproof and sometimes breathable).

The best boot foot waders are favored by fisherman fishing warmer waters where less protection from the environment is needed, as they are rarely lined and usually don’t provide a lot of warmth. For the best boot foot waders for all your fishing needs, try out one of the following models – they are all very good value for money and should protect you from environmental hazards and keep you dry.

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Allen Brule River Bootfoot Chest Waders with Cleated Soles

While this is a relatively cheap model of boot foot wader, it is very good quality and comes with a recommendation from one of the best fishermen I know. It has a number of features which make it very popular amongst serious fishermen, including:

  • Tough cleated soles which are strong and durable, allowing you to wade through unknown waters confidently.

  • They are made from nylon, which is a lot lighter than rubber and will cause less fatigue on long fishing trips.

  • The adjustable suspenders mean that this model wader will fit most people, regardless of their size.

  • They are almost sure to remain dry! Since these waders are so simple, there are very few places where seams can fail or where they can leak easily without you noticing. Even if they do spring a leak, fixing them is as simple as a little waterproof glue.

I have personally known a few people who have used these waders, and they have all said that they are incredible. The nylon composition makes them lighter than similar rubber products – they weigh in at just 6 pounds. Although I haven’t personally worn them, I know that they are said to be very comfortable, which is essential when you are planning a long day or couple of days fishing.

These waders are definitely designed for fishing in warmer climates. Some people have told me that they offer very little to nothing in the way of warmth, meaning that you will need to wear a few layers of clothing underneath. Although the sizing is usually pretty accurate, it is important to buy a size or two too large. Doing this will give you plenty of space for warm clothes and/or protective gear if you are fishing in a harsher climate.

The only complaints that I have heard regarding these waders is about the thickness of the material and the smell. Since they are made from a plastic product, they tend to be relatively smelly when you first take them out of the box. However, this is not a problem because a quick wash should remove the smell. The other small issue is that the material is probably not quite thick enough. This means that holes can easily develop, especially if you are using them in conjunction with sharp hooks or other fishing gear.

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Hodgman Caster Neoprene Cleated Boot-foot Chest Wader

Although this is still a boot foot wader, it is designed with colder climates in mind. It has a 3.5-millimetre construction, which is thick enough to have insulating properties. The boots are also insulated to make sure that your feet stay warm, and you will even find a nice hand-warming pocket in the front that is lined with fleece.

If you are fishing relatively rough or walking through a lot of snaggy or dirty water, then it could be a good idea to buy something like this. The double padded knees allow you kneel on a river or lake bank to retrieve a fish whenever you need to without having to worry about wearing the knees out.

Every seam in the design is fully sealed to prevent water from entering the waders. They are glued, taped, and stitched up to ensure that they are extremely durable and will last a lot of fishing trips. The relatively thick material which is used is also designed to prevent holes from developing due to overuse or excessive wear.

I haven’t heard of people having a lot of issues with these waders, and they are certainly recommended. If you are looking for something which is tough, durable, and designed for a colder climate, then don’t walk past the Hodgman Caster! These waders receive five stars from me as one of the best on the market!

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Frogg Toggs Canyon Bootfoot Cleated Wader, Khaki/Stone

While this model of boot foot wader is a little more expensive than some others, it could be worth paying the extra money if you are a serious fisherman. It includes a few more features and small improvements than the cheaper models, and are certainly recommended!

According to friends of mine who wear these waders for duck hunting and wading streams and backwaters, they are very, very good quality. They seem to be able to hold up to some tough treatment, and aren’t prone to puncturing or developing holes through normal wear and tear.

They are extremely well made, with the sizing very accurate and trustworthy. One of the best features of these is the neoprene boot. It contains a steel shank and reinforced toe cap which are both included for extra strength and durability They are designed and carefully crafted with your comfort in mind, which can be rare when it comes to cheap boot foot waders.

The buckles and straps of these waders are really what set them above similar brands. The adjustable shoulder straps feature quick release buckles and tough, durable material. You will also find a nice wading belt which can help you remain dry and comfortable for the duration of your trip. A few people that I have spoken to have had small problems with these waders leaking at the seams, but this is very rare. 5-star rating from me!

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