This website was developed for those of us who love fishing by those who love fishing.  Telescopic Fishing Rod’s allow us to have a poles with us at all times whenever and where ever we see a good looking fishing hole.

Todd Holding BassAfter doing the research to find the best telescopic fishing rod I decided that others could use this research as well to make it easier for them to find the best rod available.

That is why was born.

The goal of this website is to provide high quality reviews of Telescopic Spinning Rod’s that will allow everyone on the web to get a better idea of how these rods work, why they are great, and how you can choose the best one for you.

Personally I am an avid fisherman loving to fish everything from Bass to Trout during the summer sun and on the cold winter ice.

Won’t you join me out here?

How we do our research

Here is a quick overview on how we do our research.  First we look for products that have many reviews, second we select only the products that have an average of 3 stars or better for their reviews, third we select products that have a low amount of one star or two star reviews which usually mean people did not have issues with the rod holders.

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