The Top 4 Best Wacky Rig Tools Reviewed

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2017)

Wacky rig tools are becoming more and more popular among fishermen across the world. They make fishing with plastic worm lures that much easier, and are an essential part of the kit for any serious soft plastic fisherman.

Unfortunately, many fishermen don’t know what wacky rig tools are. They are actually relatively new to the market, and their strange name does them no favors. However, experienced anglers have been using homemade tools like the ones below for decades, and their experience and expertise has gone into developing some of our favorite models.

Our top four best wacky rig tools are reviewed below:

The Eau Claire Red Wacky Rig Tool

Although it is new to the market the Eau Claire makes wacky rigging easier than ever before. Never again will you have trouble with your wacky rig tool breaking, not being big enough for your worm, or simply wearing out through overuse. Eau Claire products are made tough, which means that you can rely on them to do the job for you every single time.

I personally love the Eau Claire wacky rig tool. It comes complete with a springy lanyard and carabiner which can be clipped straight onto your belt, fishing bag, or tackle box. This means that it is always accessible, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time re-rigging your line!

The Eau Claire wacky rig tool comes complete with 110 O-rings of various colors to make sure that you have the right color for your worm. It fits Senko style worms up to eight inches long, but is perfectly capable of rigging smaller worms as well.

I find that when I use the Eau Claire wacky rig tool I spend very little time re-rigging my line. When I do need to put a new worm on or change lures, this wacky rig tool means it only takes me seconds. Forget trying to put O-rings on your worm without a tool. Forget about the frustration and time wasting that this causes and get your wacky rig tool today!

I have to give the Eau Claire wacky rig tool five out of five stars. I can’t fault it, and neither can anyone else I have spoken to. This tool is more than affordable as well, which means that it is an absolute must have for any keen soft plastic fisherman!

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Harmony Wacky Rig Tool For Senkos And Stick Baits

If you are after a basic wacky rig tool which is purely functional without any fancy additions, then the Harmony wacky rig tool is probably right for you. This tool comes at a very low price and is useable with most stickbait and Senko style plastic lures.

For me, there are a couple of downsides when it comes to this product. First, it only fits stickbaits which are six inches and smaller. Although this may not be a problem most of the time, I do occasionally want to use larger plastics, and this wacky rig tool doesn’t allow me to do that.

Secondly, it only comes with ten O-rings. Again, this isn’t a big problem, but it means that if I used this tool, I would have to go out and find more O-rings before long. To me, this is just a pain, and it would take up valuable time when I could be fishing!

On the plus side, the Harmony wacky rig tool is made from tough aluminum with a stainless steel screw, which means that you don’t have to worry about it rusting or wearing out too quickly. While it is still important to wash your wacky rig tool down after every use, the tough nature of this tool means that it probably won’t seize and corrode even if you forget to wash it.

Most people I have spoken to gave this wacky rig tool resounding positive reviews. Although there are a few small drawbacks – as outlined above – they aren’t really important as long as you are aware of them. The extremely affordable price of this wacky rig tool means that I have to give it a positive thumbs up as well!

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Reaction Tackle Wacky Worm Tool

In my opinion, the Reaction Tackle wacky worm tool is very similar to the Eau Claire wacky rig tool. Despite this, it does have some significant downsides which must be taken into account when you are deciding on the right tool for your tackle box.

Again, this tool is only suitable for worms and other soft plastics up to six inches long with a maximum of a half inch diameter. This does restrict your ability to fish larger lures somewhat, and may prevent you from catching that trophy fish that everyone dreams of!

However, this wacky rig tool does come with O-rings, and it also has an attached lanyard and clip (meaning that you don’t have to worry about dropping or losing your new wacky tool). If you are looking for a wacky rig tool which is simple, comes with everything you need, and is affordably priced, then the Reaction Tackle wacky rig tool is probably right for you.

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Reel-E Red Rocket Wacky Rig Tool

The Reel-E red rocket wacky rig tool is undoubtedly one of the most simple tools on the market, but is probably one of the best as well. It is made of a very durable material which floats, this wacky rig tool will last you for years to come – no matter how roughly you treat your gear!

If you are looking for a wacky rig tool which you can just chuck in your backpack and forget about until you need it, then the Reel-E red rocket is perfect for you! There are no metallic parts to corrode, and no small pieces to get lost.

Unfortunately, I did find one small downside when I used this tool. There is nothing holding the O-rings onto the end of the tools. I found that if I wasn’t careful, they would fall off and disappear into the grass, never to be seen again. Not only was this frustrating, but it meant that I went through my O-rings a lot quicker than I expected.

Despite this, I still have to recommend this product. Its extreme durability and hard wearing nature combined with its affordable price make the Reel-E red rocket wacky rig tool an attractive option for people looking for a new wacky rig tool.

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