The Top 4 Large Telescopic Fishing Rods (Surf Rods, Saltwater Rods) Reviewed

Telescopic fishing rods are becoming more and more popular all the time as manufacturers improve their designs and lower their prices. The best telescopic fishing rods generally perform just as good as standard one or two piece rods, and have the added benefit of being very transportable and easy to store. The market for small […] Read More

Wacky Rig Tool

The Top 4 Best Wacky Rig Tools Reviewed

Wacky rig tools are becoming more and more popular among fishermen across the world. They make fishing with plastic worm lures that much easier, and are an essential part of the kit for any serious soft plastic fisherman. Unfortunately, many fishermen don’t know what wacky rig tools are. They are actually relatively new to the […] Read More

Golden rainbow trout, Pennsylvania 2007

Fishing for the elusive Golden Trout in the United States

The USA is perhaps one of the best places in the world to visit for freshwater fishing. With everything from huge catfish to bass to prized trout, some of the world’s best anglers would be extremely excited with the chance to fish American waters. One of the most coveted fish found here is the golden […] Read More

Micro Fishers: Why Small is the New Big in Fishing

Micro fishing is a relatively new branch in the sport of fishing. While it has enjoyed moderate success in other countries, a relatively few number of people in the United States are even aware it exists. The purpose of micro fishing is not to find fish to eat, or even to catch the largest fish […] Read More

Popular Types Of Fishing Reels

If you are any sort of serious fisherman, you need a fishing reel which is specialized for the type of fishing you are doing. Reels come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, and can be as small as an egg or as large as a small car tire. The type of reel you […] Read More